Meet Our Kittens with Radial Hypoplasia!

Twins, Bill and Kitty Purry, were born with a condition known as radial hypoplasia.

Bill and Kitty Purry were found as strays with their three other siblings.

Meet our resident “squittens,” Bill and Kitty Purry! This dynamic duo recently came to live at The Isle of Misfits after being found as strays in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Bill and Kitty were born with a genetic condition known as Radial Hypoplasia. The condition is most commonly found in inbred populations and results in shortening or complete absence of the radial bones in the forelimbs.

Kitty Purry during her time with CATS of Safety Harbor.

Cats with RH are commonly dubbed “squittens” due to the way they sit on their hind limbs with their front limbs raised, similar to squirrels. The condition can cause issues for nursing kittens, as their forelimbs may be too short to knead and stimulate milk flow from their mothers. Cats with RH may have elongated tails and/or hind limbs as well.

Despite these genetic anomalies, “squittens” can lead largely normal lives. Though they may not be able to climb or jump as high as other cats, they can still run and play without issue, and their life spans are typically not affected by the condition.

RH tends to most commonly appear in inbred populations where recessive genes are expressed. As affected cats grow, they can sometimes require amputation or bone fusion of the forelimbs. It’s still too early to know if Bill and Kitty will require future surgery, but one thing is for certain, these two LOVE life and everyone they meet.

The wonderful non-profit organization, CATS of Safety Harbor, took in Bill and Kitty to get them off the streets. I met with the organization’s founder, Shelly, and decided to adopt the duo as permanent sanctuary residents here at The Isle.

Bill Purry taking a tubby.

This brother and sister duo are extremely bonded, and do absolutely everything together. I am so happy to be able to provide them a forever home–together. Bill and Kitty have bonded well with my other cat, Walter, and the three have become an inseparable black cat trio. Follow our social media accounts to watch these two adorable babies as they grow!

The day I adopted Bill and Kitty!

For more information on Radial Hypoplasia, check out this article by Austin Pets Alive.

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