Misfit Hall of Fame!

Misfit alumni “Alice Cooper” the day I found him crying on the streets of St. Pete. Photo by local retailer St. PetersBARK.

Stories of Misfit Alumni that found their fur-ever homes!

Alice Cooper

Alice came to The Isle after I found him crying in an alley on a record-hot day here in South Florida. Initially, I thought Alice was a girl, but he surprised everyone two weeks later when his testicles appeared!

Surprise testicles! Alice shocked us all when we discovered “she” was actually a “he!”

Once the family jewels appeared, I slapped “Cooper” to the end of his name and called it a day. #ProblemSolver. Alice was with us for about a month before he found his forever family. Now he lives the good life with his new sister “June” in Clearwater, Florida.

Alice and his sister June are inseparable. Every kitten should be so lucky!
Friendship goals. Alice and June sun themselves together in their favorite window.

Cooper (formerly Sgt. Pepper)

Cooper was actually fostered at The Isle for Pet Pal Animal Shelter here in St. Pete. This tiny “chiweenie” proved the old saying that big things come in small packages!

Cooper came to us as a foster for Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

Cooper quickly bonded with my pack, especially Jellybean, and learned “how to dog” by watching and interacting with the rest of the misfits. Cooper eventually found his forever home with Major League Wrestling’s Aria Blake.

Cooper and new mom, Aria Blake, at home in Florida.

Cooper spends his days playing with his adopted brother Tyler, and cuddling with his mom and dad. You can follow Cooper’s adventures on his Instagram account!

Nova (formerly Paige)

“Paige” came to The Isle as a rescue transfer from Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs. Paige was only a puppy when she was hit by a car, causing both of her eyes to rupture. Paige went almost two weeks without treatment before the rescue warriors at Redland Rock Pit Dogs (RRPD) found her and stepped in. Thanks to RRPD, Paige received the medical care she desperately needed.

“Paige” was hit by a car and had to have her eyes removed as a puppy.

I was put in touch with RRPD, and offered to take Paige into our care at The Isle after her surgery. I drove to Davie, Florida where I picked up Paige from Pet Express Animal Hospital where she had been recovering. Paige was the perfect travel companion, and was a complete angel during the entire five hour ride back to The Isle in St. Petersburg.

Photo taken from St. PetersBARK instagram.

This beautiful pup was adopted on Christmas Eve 2019 by her amazing forever family! Paige, now named Nova, now lives in St. Pete with a chihuahua sister, a cattle dog brother, and two pig siblings! Nova is now living her best life with the most perfect family ever!

Nova with her forever humans after her Christmas Eve adoption.

You can follow Nova and her new family at their Instagram account @chuythepig.

One-Eyed Jack

This handsome dude came to The Isle after being abandoned by his former family. I picked him up in Largo, Florida, and brought him back to The Isle to receive medical treatment.

One-eyed Jack was taken in as a stray after his previous owners moved and abandoned him.

When I first took in Jack, he was in pretty rough shape. He had a punctured eye, a torn ear, was flea-infested, and was FIV positive. Despite all his hardships, Jack quickly settled in and became a cuddly lap cat. After getting Jack the appropriate medical care at Northeast Animal Hospital, he was placed for adoption. Jack was initially adopted by a lovely family, but he unfortunately did not get along with the family dog. Jack was returned to The Isle after about a month in his first adoptive home.

Jack chilling on my lap during his time at The Isle.

Jack spent several more months here at The Isle before finding his forever human. Jack eventually became our first adoption of 2020; right after the New Year, he went to live with his forever human…. on a sailboat! Jack’s new human served our country in the US Navy, before retiring to a beautiful sailboat here in St. Petersburg. Now Jack lives a life of freedom and adventure on the open seas with his amazing forever human.

Jack with his “first mate” in his forever home.

You can watch more about Jack’s adoption on our IGTV here.